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    Cards for 2014 have been prepared

Christmas and New year 2014 Cards have been prepared by the students after the Mobility in Greece...

    Food Fair in the fourth Mobility

The students from each country have prepared a traditional menu and shared cooking video of one of the dishes on facebook group before the next mobility. In Greece, each student has prepared the same/ similar dish at homestays and then in an eve...

    Travel Fair in Vienna

The students have presented the results of their gardening and tried to sell their countries as tourist destinations in a Travel Fair organised in partner school in Vienna. Students of the school have also enjoyed the fair. .Everybody enjoyed the fai...

    The plants which we are growing

After we learnt the harmful effects of hormone injected food,we decided to plant our food which are more healthier and natura...

    Video conferences have been made so far

Polish Team-Turkish Team in March


Tüm Etkinlikler

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